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Two wedding photographers… Do you need one? Are you having like 300 guests and a bridal party that is more than 20 people? Maybe. Is your wedding smaller than that? Then you most likely don’t need a second photographer. So some people think a need for a second photographer is necessary but I can tell you that it totally isn’t. The only way I can see if one would want one is during getting ready so one photog is with the bride and the other with the groom. However, if you plan our your timeline well you can totally only have one photographer successfully. Also, some couples think that during the ceremony they want different “angles or views”. Trust me, your photographer should be moving around during the ceremony to capture all of those angles. Here are some of the different angles I have gotten from a ceremony and being the only photographer.

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That is just a sample of the shots I got during April and Mike’s wedding last summer. Aren’t they freaking beautiful! P.S. Those gorgeous flowers? Done by¬†Country Living Florist! They’re the bomb and Aurelia, the owner is sweet as can be! I hope you found this article helpful!

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