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Wow it has literally been a hot minute since I have posted anything! I am truly sorry you guys! I honestly wanted to take as much time as possible with my family in December and I don’t regret it one bit! Now that the holidays are over engaged couples are really ready to buckle down and start planning their upcoming wedding. Choosing your wedding photographer aside from choosing you’re lifetime partner is THE most important decision during the whole wedding planning process. It’s not the dress. It’s not the flowers. Not the cake. The photographer. Why? Because when the cake is eaten and the flowers are wilted the only thing that will last you years and years to come are your wedding photos. These are heirlooms. They will be passed down generation to generation and you want to make sure that your wedding photographer has a style that suits yours.

Do you like a photojournalism style of photography and don’t want any posed photos? Don’t choose a photographer that is very traditional. Love dark and moody photos? Don’t choose a light and airy photographer. I could go on by saying what types of styles are best but everyone’s opinion is different and all that matters is that you choose someone that meshes well with your wedding style. Ask your photographer what type of style they offer. If they say they offer any type you’d like, run. Sorry but if they say all styles, they aren’t really a master and more of a jack of all trades. For example, I am more light and bright, I try to stay true to the colors that the mind remembers by not over exposing or underexposing images. I also am more traditional as I usually only take candid and photojournalism shots when people are interacting with one another and not for say bride and groom portraits. I definitely pose my couples. Also, I know for some of you it may be tempting to go with the cheapest option, but please keep in mind again that these are heirlooms. You can’t take back bad wedding photography.

When choosing your wedding photographer look at their portfolios. Pay attention to their style and how they place their photos and how they set up the composition of the photo. Does it speak to you? Does their work make you excited and want to look and feel as amazing as the people in the photo do? When I mentioned budget I’m not saying to choose a photographer that costs 8k when your budget is 3k. But just don’t go based solely on price alone. Another important thing to do is actually chat with your photographer. How is their personality? Is this someone you will be be comfortable with all day? They will literally be following you all day long so you want someone who you can hang with girl!

I hope this helps you narrow down your choices of wedding photographers! And if you happen to like my style photography hit me up! Let’s chat to see if you and I mesh and if I’m available for your day. I’d love to be a part of it 😉



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