Northern California Fairytale Wedding at the Sapphire Palace | Blue Lake, California

Imagine waking up and hearing rain…. Sure not that bad. Saturday morning I woke up early as I was so excited to photograph Kyle and Abby’s wedding that day. But I heard rain against the window! Oh no! They were supposed to have a beach ceremony! It all turned out amazing though. Even though they had to move the ceremony location to their reception venue I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. I believe their wedding day was supposed to be exactly how it was. The love was there. Family was there. Friends were there. It was beautiful. We also had some breaks in the rain which made for some gorgeous portraits! And plus, rain on a wedding day = a good omen! Here is your blog post Kyle and Abby!


I started off the day by assisting on some last minute touches (as let’s face it as a photographer we play part planner, part best friend, part let me kick that person’s ass for you!) My number one goal is to have my couples be stress free and enjoy their day. That was my goal for you Kyle and Abby! After doing that and taking some detail shots I went to say a quick hello to the bride and took some detail shots of their rings, dresses, bouquets and such and also the groom’s accessories too!

Fun fact, the couple and their bridal party all wore Converse shoes!

And now let’s get to some getting ready pictures! My second favorite after the couple’s portraits!

I just love how these their single portraits turned out. This couple was simply classy.

Why yes Kyle, we know your quite dashing! And your mama was so very proud of you!

And now let’s see some individual portraits of our lovely, classy and beautiful in and out bride, Abbagail!

I have to say that the black and white photo below may just be my favorite photo from the whole day. It was simply the epitome of timeless beauty and class.

Kyle and Abby opted to not do a first look but she wanted to do one with her daddy, I’m so glad she did as it was so special and touching. Seriously, I don’t know how I got these shots as I was shedding some tears.

Next are a few photos from the ceremony. It was such an awesome one that started off with a prayer. I particularly love their ceremony photos in black and white.

Now time for some bridal party portraits! They had such a fun and nice group! Her maid of honor also helped me in the beginning getting the details together. Thanks a million Jocelyn!

And now for my most favorite part of the day, the bride and groom portraits! Can you believe we only had about 10 minutes to get these shots!?! I was on a mission to give them some amazing portraits that will hang on their walls forever and be on their grandchild’s mantels someday! You two are so beautiful!

I also had an assistant, Trece that day to help me with fixing Abby’s dress and veil fluffing! You’re an awesome veil fluffer girl!

Ugh I just love this one….

This next one is also one of my favorite’s from the night. You twoooo!!!!!

The remainder of the reception was filled with laughter, dancing and love… and a SPARKLER EXIT! I had asked Abby if she would be interested in doing one as I really, I mean I really wanted to do one. I’m so glad she said yes!

Thanks a million to Abby and Kyle for letting me follow them around on the most important day of their life. It was truly an honor! And thank you for all the other vendors who made this day possible!



Florist: Arcata Florist

Venue: Blue Lake Casino and Hotel

Dress: David’s Bridal Steven’s Creek | San Jose, CA






  1. Cherie Krause

    October 4th, 2018 at 10:46 am

    Amazing photos!!!

  2. Showit User

    October 4th, 2018 at 11:13 am

    Thanks a million!


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