Casual Wedding in Monterey, CA | Kimiko + Pat

It’s been a quick minute since I posted a blog, I’m sorry and I will try my best to get better at blogging. I’m in the midst of wedding season and I’m out photographing all of those lovely EB Couples! I love what I do and I love giving my couples a wonderful experience….


Now back to Kim and Pat! I’ve known Pat since elementary school. Though we never really danced in the same circles, I always knew him to be a great guy. We grew up, graduated and I never heard from him again until I got connected with his now wife, Kim. She’s so bubbly and wonderful! Pat was always on the shy side in school. When I did their engagement session I saw how his face just lit up just became a totally different person around her. They compliment each other so well.

Kim is from southern California and Pat is from Humboldt, so they wanted to get married in the middle of the state so it was convenient for both sides of the family. They got ready at a private residence and had their wedding ceremony and reception at Monterey Dance Center. It has a lovely ballroom there that was perfect for them and their guests. The dress was from Promises Bridal Shop 

When it comes down to it. All that’s important is that you have the love of your life by your side and your favorite humans there. Love is amazing.





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