Redwood Park + Morris Graves Museum Engagement Session with Scot and Shaylyn

Sooooooo Shaylyn first reached out to me in February inquiring about her wedding in November.  They’re having an outdoor wedding smack dab in the middle of Southern Humboldt County, California. Think trees and mountains. Well between some back and forth emails they decided we were a good fit and I couldn’t have been more excited! They’re such a wonderful and fun couple!

Scott and Shay decided to have their engagement session at two locations, Redwood Park in Arcata, California and Morris Graves Art Museum in the neighboring town of Eureka. Two completely different locations! I often get asked to shoot a lot in the forest as that is one of the things that we are pretty well known for. I love the forest. It’s mystical and charming. Our big redwoods are gorgeous and a statement piece of their own. Morris Graves is such a lovely place with an old charm feel. Check out the photos from their session and stay tuned for their wedding in the fall.



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