Elk Head Cliff Elopement | Trinidad, California

It was a typical overcast day in Humboldt County, but that doesn’t mean one can’t capture wonderful pictures. This lovely couple were super eager to jump in on this styled shoot. Steve and Chelsea are both from Humboldt County and met quite a few years when they were still youngins! Hell, they’re still youngins and freaking gorgeous! Don’t you agree? Pretty much couple goals right there!

They’re not just couple goals because they’re amazingly beautiful but it’s because they have a truly wonderful relationship! They’re super cute with each other, can laugh at and with each other and are TOTALLY in love.

So the florals were done by the fabulous Aurelia and her fabulous team at Country Living Florist & Fine Gifts. She always knocks it out of the park. If you need a florist for any type of wedding or elopement, you won’t be disappointed! Chelsea is a hairstylist so she did her own hair and makeup. She works out of Waves Hair Studio.

And let’s talk about that location. I’ve lived in Humboldt County my whole life and I had never known this gem was here up until a few weeks ago. I mean it’s so epic I want to get married there! (Ok, so I’m already married to a wonderful man but how about we renew our vows?) It’s called Elk Head Cliff and it’s in Trinidad, California. I wont tell you how to get there though, you might just have to book a session with me to find out 😉



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